Management and Maintenance

We do not distinguish between management and maintenance the two go hand in hand.

Our clients have a personal manager who is contactable and available at all times. The clients personal manager manages and coordinates the maintenance of the property.

Our clients have access to our preferred vetted partners to carry out planned maintenance and any emergency work. The dedicated personal manager will arrange and oversee all work.

We keep an accurate record of all the workings and management in each property.


We’ll recommend a periodic schedule of servicing of the key parts of our clients home.


We trust our vetted partners and have a long standing relationship with them. They give us their best rates which we pass onto our clients. To ensure this healthy relationship continues we do not take kickbacks from our partners. We are fully transparent with fees and consider this extremely important.

We will pay all invoices on behalf of our clients so they do not need to make multiple payments. Our clients only receive one invoice; detailing the disbursements and attaching copies of all invoices.